Squirrel Mapper

Measuring evolution in action
in urban and rural landscapes.

Adding Records

How do I navigate the map on the Add Records page?

You can navigate the map the same way you would using any web-based map. You can navigate to anywhere that gray squirrels are found. Zoom in and out using the +/- buttons, or move the slider up and down by clicking and dragging it. Use the directional arrows to move around the map. You can also simply use your mouse cursor to navigate the map by clicking and dragging the map to move it, and double clicking a location to zoom in.

How do I change the latitude and longitude of my location?

You don’t need to manually enter the latitude and longitude of your records; those will change automatically whenever you move the pinpoint. To add a pinpoint, simply click the location where you made your observations. You can change the location of the pinpoint by clicking and dragging it or by clicking in a different location. If you do have the latitude and longitude for your location, you can type them directly into the coordinate fields.

Can I change the way the map looks?

You can use the buttons on the top right of the map to change the way the map is displayed. Map will give a typical street view, Satellite will show aerial imagery including vegetation that can be useful for finding your location if it is not near streets, and Terrain will show a topographical map.

I have observations of both black and gray squirrels for the same location – how do I add them both?

First record your observations for one of the types of squirrels and hit submit. Then a new page will open where you will have the option to submit more records for the same location. You can continue to do this until you have reported all your records for that location.